About Us

Hello, welcome to brickvisions.com, it is great to see you here.

Here you will find nothing but the best in communication, price, quality products and lead time. We are a professional team of product design and manufacture, which consists of graphic designer, engineer and machinist etc. My team and I here at brickvisions are 100% focused on making you, the customer, fully satisfied.

We like playing LEGO, for many themes, Technic, CITY, Starwars etc, so we have many sets in our studio. Playing LEGO is a part of our job, it will really make us understand LEGO better and ignite our design inspiration as well. Our studio is located in Guangdong of China, where has almost the most mature supply chain and the largest printing base of China.

All the stickers that we sell in brickvisions.com are printed by local based professional printing workshop. With the latest printing technology and highest standard, our stickers are the same style as the genuine LEGO stickers, vinyl protected(not fade and anti scratch), best colors solutions, sharpness and pre-cut. we always provide the highest quality stickers to our customers.

We are good at graphic design, CNC, molding etc. In order to increase our competitveness among the international market, we always cooperate with the local based high-tech manufacturers to provide the premium quality products.

Our goal is to deliver the premium quality products and the best service to the world, we believe our enthusiasm to make you happy, satisfied and content with every job we do is always our motivation. We never stop being a cutting-edge, energetic team.

Please feel free to contact us by Email, we will respond within 24 hours, let us know what you think and what you need, we are at your service, always.

Brickvisions studio,